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Self Portrait by Kuroijager Self Portrait by Kuroijager
My self portrait for the contest

I think that the way we view our selves is so much different than how we actually look. I mean try to picture your own face, its actually pretty difficult and I think that that means that our own ideas about self image are much different than how others see you. We know so much more about ourselves than other people do that it influences how we actually perceive ourselves (kinda like how looking at a piece of meat that looks yummy suddenly looks disgusting when you find out it was pig's heart or something) or maybe to ourselves we are indistinct because we have the power to change ourselves... maybe I dunno I'm just rambling :D

EDIT: just realized i accidentally erased part of the spray near my lip/chin area where it meet my shoulder which made me look deformed lol finally some one pointed it out hahaha i guess people just thought my face was special :)
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t001 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011   Traditional Artist
very cool and well executed. Just letting you know i will be featuring this in my next edition of best of random deviant. Stop by my page and check it out in the near future.
Kuroijager Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011
wow thank you so much!!! I'll be sure to drop by :)
KathrynBriggs Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Oh my, that looks terribly fun. :D And I agree with your artists comment - I paint self-portraits all the time, it's like shooting at a moving target. I'm different from day to day, just like my perception of myself. :heart:
Kuroijager Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2010
i know right? I had my hair down and my bangs have gotten longer so they are more side sweep-ish and i looked in the mirror and i thought omg my self portrait doesn't really apply anymore. lol and then my boyfriend looked at it and was like hey who is that? it was hilarious!
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